We socialize and make friends. Those friends usually want to see us succeed. Why not simply ask your friends in a non-disturbing way to check out your business and recommend you to their friends or family if applicable?

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

Getting people to follow your page makes your posts visible to them on their timeline bringing your business more brand awareness.

But the most important part is, in your Facebook Ads account, you can create custom and lookalike audiences that you can target with your Facebook advertising.

Have you ever wonder why “Likes”, “Comments”? and “Shares” are so important, keep reading. But to ruin the surprise, it’s not for a popularity contest.


The Importance of Likes, Comments and Shares

Getting people to engage with your posts and other content is imperative for a few reasons. But one that most people forget is that posting certain categories of content segments your audiences and allows you to run advertising campaigns that hyper-target your audience’s segments without much overlap.

You can create content that clearly targets your intended audiences. You can sell the same kind of a product but that doesn’t mean the same customer will want both. In the automotive parts business because a customer buys motor oil to save money for changing their own oil, doesn’t mean they’ll buy high-performance parts. So segmentation is important. And content is a great way to do that.


Facebook values at engagement in tiers

  1. Likes – Least valuable / User shows interest in the posted content
  2. Comments – Moderately interested / User found content relevant and decided to engage
  3. Shares – Very Interested /? User found content highly engaging and decided to recommend within their social network

This gives Facebook one of its many data points it uses to determine how important your content is and how well it’s being received, thus giving it away to rank all content that gets posted to timelines of over 2.23 billion users a month.

So having a strategy is highly recommended.

But there are ways you can get small wins quickly without putting in much effort.

No, this isn’t any kind of a cheat code. This is just a “Low Hanging Fruit” that most people overlook.

It’s a way to easily bump your follower count by using a little known


Here’s how we got 50 Likes to our Facebook page with only 4 clicks

If you’re active on Facebook and have friends on your personal profile, Facebook has made it easy to invite them to like your business page. Having friends like your page increases your chances of referrals. remember, Word Of Mouth is some of the best social proof. here’s an easy way to pick up 50-1oo likes on your page just pressing a few buttons. It’s an easy win and a waste if left undone.

  1. Click to go to your Business Facebook Page
  2. Scroll to the “Community” box on the right-hand sidebar
  3. Click “Select All” next to “Search In All Friends”
  4. Click on the “Send Invites” button

Remember! Small wins are wins. Live with the theory of “Never leaving money on the table”. We hope you enjoyed this article.