We’re forward-thinking, result-hungry designers and digital marketers obsessed with brilliantly communicating your messages to the masses.

We’re here to understand how all the factors play into the big picture, how trends progress and how the future is shaped by the actions of today. We want to make sure that the work you do now remains relevant for years to come. The story we want to tell is one of “light bulbs and epiphanies”. The inspirational switch that turns on creativity.

We also understand that a sales guy maybe doesn’t care to know about the aesthetics of design as much as he wants to see insights and statistics. We get that you may just want it done so you can get back on the phone. We utilize as much automation as we can while making sure your brand stays as organic as it can. Because there are things you shouldn’t have to do. Mundane, redundant tasks that slow progress and keep a sales guy off the floor. We help you sell more without having to do more.we

Hi, I'm Brennan, owner of Ecue Media Co.

I’m a web designer and digital marketer with a passion for content creation and strategy.
Content creation has been in my blood since I was a child. My older sister was the first to venture into the world of visual arts being a talented painter and getting her degree in graphic art. I soon followed suit when I met my friend and mentor Mark Myrick, Art Director at Digital Surgeons. Picking up what I could while working for him at Ultimate Printing in Shelton, CT, I found myself hopelessly addicted to staring at Adobe Photoshop, playing with layers, colors, type and objects for hours and hours.

I began?promoting myself and being heavily referred by my friends and peers. Working with local musicians and business owners I started finding myself getting bigger and bigger clients.

Never stopping learning, I spent days reading blogs, learning new techniques and skills in both the marketing and advertising field. I signed up for every class I could afford, every webinar available, spent my Friday nights with my laptop on my lap working on client assignments never to miss deadlines and never to disappoint.

And the road wasn’t smooth. I had my share of letdowns and misgivings. But one thing I had realized was I had found exactly what I love and was able to make a living off of it. That is truly?what I think of when I think about being successful.