Design Services CollageDIY website design is often overlooked as a legitimate competitor for freelancers and design agencies alike. The phrase lots of designers hear after sending in a website design proposal is ?Maybe I’ll just do it myself?. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the need to occasionally roll the sleeves up and get my hands dirty learning a new skill.

But even a ?one man army? guy like myself, I get the need to hire a pro when the I feel the task is way beyond my capabilities. Paying someone?s quote isn?t hurting your business. In hindsight, you?ll see how the right investment in the right designer/developer/consultant can shorten the creative process, save the business additional cost overruns, and meet deadlines so you can get back to running your business.



Building websites takes time.DIY Website design can take you a heck of a lot longer. For an experienced designer, planning, design phase, and site launch can span a matter of months. Trial and error are inevitable in any design project. Unfortunately, that adds?a good amount of time when dealing with a new industry. It takes planning, experience, and mastery of the subject to prevent cost and time overruns.

As a business owner, you must realize that your time is better spent at your desk or at your machine. Don?t try to master the learning curve of an artistic/technical task. WordPress is very user friendly, but may require hours of research just to troubleshoot an error. Then you have to build the thing.

And while you?re at it, multiply the hours you?ve spent designing your website by the amount you yourself make per hour. That?s the money you?re losing out of your business while you?re tinkering with your website.


Website Security

Do you know how to keep your customer data private on your website? It can prove disastrous for your business to have your customer data security compromised. No website is hack proof and with WordPress being on 23% of the world?s websites, the target is a large one. Therefore, website owners should take utmost care when handling customer data. Knowing how to properly set up a secure website can make or break your online business and reputation. If you can?t keep your promise to the client that their info is safe to at most reasonable expectations, you may lose trust and lose the client.


Poor User Experience

Every user is different. They all have their own specific problem and they want your business? help. They have finally made it to your website. You?re marketing has worked. Congratulations. Now how do you convert them into a paying customer? You do it with a good responsive layout that adjusts beautifully to any screen. You do it with a simple and direct process, helping your client navigate your website. And last but most importantly, you do it with great content and a winning strategy.

Poor user experience can be a drag on your website. If a client can not easily navigate your DIY website design and understand why things are where they are,?visually, they will leave frustrated never to return. And guess what?! They probably tell all their friends.



Have you ever tried to pull off a DIY home repair job because you felt confident ?Jim?s DIY Repair Advice Channel? on YouTube gave you ?some pointers?? How exciting was that project? Wait, It wasn?t exciting? Yeah, it never is. The glamour of making a big shiny website yourself fades when the reality sets in that it?s not all magic and unicorns. Save yourself the headaches. Hire a pro.


Your business suffers in your absence

No one?s knows your business better than you. No one will have as much passion and dedication to your business as you will. That means you have to be there, in attendance, manning your post on the bridge every time. When you?re missing from your business, doing DIY website design, your business suffers. It?s a known fact that your energy and attention is spent better when it?s spent on what you?re really good at: Your Business.

When the captain isn?t at the helm, the boat strays?off course. Your company needs its fearless leader, its knight in shiny armour and its biggest fan, YOU!

DIY website design Learning Curve

Do you really have time in your busy day to learn a whole new trade? Nevermind the rest of your already booming schedule. To be efficient at WordPress, one should know HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, understand how plugins interact with one another, understand how plugins work with themes, etc. The list keeps going. If you have the time and the patience to figure it all out, we salute your resolve.


Still thinking DIY website design is right for you?

You?re on your own if things fail

The one thing successful companies know is that keeping important private contractor personnel on retainer is the difference between a major win or a devastating loss. Keeping a lawyer on retainer who?s intimately familiar with the company’s inner-workings, can save the company hours of ?research? billing. Having a WordPress Designer create and maintain the site for you allows you to have an expert on call 24/7. Don?t get stuck in error purgatory awaiting the resolution with a new designer who may not even be a good fit in the first place.